frozen yogurt frosted cupcakesThere are even more swirls to enjoy at Swirlscupcakery! Adding to the gloriously delicious swirls found on top of our cupcakes is a chillier but just as delicious, type of swirl: the frozen yogurt kind. With the opening of our sister store right under the same roof, a new shade of pink will be serving sweet treats alongside us. Check out the site at http://yogurtinlove.net to get a quick peek at what’s coming. Starting next month, our customers will be enjoying the new and wonderful flavors we’ll be offering at the opening of our self-serve yogurt bar. Ours is not your typical frozen yogurt franchise, not the likes of Red Mango, Pinkberry, Tutti Fruti, and the rest because it will be the combination of two of our favorite things: cupcakes and froyo. Yes, it might just sound like sweets central at our store, and it probably will be, but rest assured that not all our offerings are going to be indulgent sugar traps. Visit our site for more infoWe take great pride in our cupcakes and we are confident in our ability to raise the standard even higher by amping the nutrition without losing the taste that make them so irresistible. The very same principle will guide our frozen yogurt shop. We’re going to be serving the most delectable selection of flavors made only with the best, premium ingredients. Our toppings bar will also feature an array beyond the common sugary choices. Our focus is on a toppings selection that tastes good and is good for your body as well. Some of these specialty toppings will be provided by specialty suppliers such our cinnamon pretzel and Italian almond bruttiboni.  We will only feature the freshest of fruit toppings and “seasonal” items will be available when they are only at their very best. We will provide choices at every turn and those will always have one thing in common: freshness. The freshness of our products will also impact our pricing in a positive way. While we may not offer the cheapest alternative when it comes to these sweet indulgences, we’re sure to provide you with the best. We aim to be the best in taste and the best in nutritional value. Enjoy our products at the shop, whether it’s a delicious cupcake along with your favorite beverage or a cup of freshly swirled yogurt, or bring them with you to share and enjoy at home or even at work. We have beautiful to-go containers for both. So, enjoy the best kinds of swirls at the store. In just a few weeks, there will be more of them to choose from.